Friday, August 03, 2012

Sascha Müller & eVADE - Fd12se [SM Traxxx 2222]

Recently released via SM Traxxx is Sascha Müllers latest collaborational effort which once again sees him teaming up with eVADE, this time for an eleven tracks strong full length album mostly consisting of a minimalistic, but very tripped Acid approach with a hypnotic and surely spiralling touch of psychedelia. And it's this ever spiralling modulation that induces a kind of trancey feel within a many of them tracks but there's neither a snareroll nor any kind of ever building string construction to be found in them. Simply a bassdrum, some hi-hats and one - or more - 303 lines in full effect, sometimes a tiny sample in use but that's it all at all. Call it Minimal Acid or whatever name you're coming up with, just make sure to check this album out in time and think about how great THIS would sound in an illegal open air rave with all that neon glow decoration and fresh air around, replacing all that dumb-ass Goa / Psytrance music that's usually hammered through P.A. systems in these occasions. Music for all time tripsters. 


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