Sunday, August 05, 2012

Sascha Müller - III [Pharmacom Productions]

Another fresh and free downloadable album release from the jam-packed studio archives of Sascha Müller is "III" which again is released on his reactivated Pharmacom Productions imprint. As expected he explores more variations in Ambient and related music, e.g. Electronica and Deep Listening, this time again but is focusing on more accessible sounds with this 10 track piece. For example there are beautifully arranged free floating string-only tunes to be found here, serving a very calm athmosphere and so do hyperslow Ambient dubs as "Dreamlands" or "Broome" which seem to be recorded in under water spheres - one can even imagine tiny little fishes hovering through a subsurface studio, curiously inspecting knobs and machines before scurrying away within the fraction of a second. Vibewise very close to The Irristible Force's legendary works on Ninja Tune around 1998/1999 but minus the beats in the first five tracks of the album before surprisingly changing its mood in total and serving another four tracks of harsh, dry, circuit-bending electronic rhythms that are very Industrial sounding and well appealing to followers of Loser or Lassigue Bendthaus in his ultra heavy moments before closing the door with a twisted Ambient piece again. Interesting concept to split a digital album two ways like one could do on vinyl and I really hope that the listeners and fans are riding this bandwagon all the way through.


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