Monday, November 19, 2012

Time For House 2 [Ladies And Gentleman Promo]

Forthcoming on December 3rd after a longer hiatus happening on Phonique's very own Ladies & Gentlemen-imprint is the new and jam packed label compilation named "Time For House 2" which features a whole bunch of 17 exclusive tracks that have been produced only for this compilation by the likes of Tigerskin, Dirty Doering & Sascha Cawa, Boris Fox, Wehbba & Dubshape, Kolombo and many many more, serving a perfectly balanced menu of warm, embracing and mostly melodic Deep-/TechHouse that is available in its seperate single ingredients as well as combined in a floating, decently uplifting DJ-mix created by labelhead and long time dancefloor expert Michael Vater a.k.a. Phonique himself. Being known and loved for his very special discoid twist in his clubs sets he lives up to his reputation in this mix especially when bringing in his own vocal driven anthem "One Step" remixed by Kolombo that he created in a conjunctional session with the up and coming Pupkulies & Rebecca-project a while ago or sweet House cuts like "Save My Soul" or Drama On The Floor's "Hands Up!" with their classic vintage flavour. Defo a felicitous restart for Ladies & Gentlemen and hopefully the beginning of a string of releases that's not about to stop for a while. One for the party - me likey. Plus: triple big ups for the massive closing tune by Oren Bi named "Love Bright" which fuses oldskool HappyBreakbeat pianos and contemporary UK Funky vibes.     


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