Thursday, December 05, 2013

Cyperkid - These Were Our Days [Flop Beat Disk 0005]

Flop Beat Disk, the Leipzig-based experimental electronics imprint with its highly ambitioned four-digit catalogue numbers, is back on track with a new 10" release these days catering all lovers of distorted underground tracker electronics and dark, grinding Industrial TechnoCore with four tracks by Cyperkid which brings back the good old days in which a group of well-active protagonists ran quite a bunch of tape only labels in the Eastern part of Germany, releasing only ultralimited quantity cassettes for those longing for the harsh, leftfield, weird and Noize-induced part of the electronic spectrum. Call it Rhythm Industrial, pulsating Noize abstractions, TechnoCore or just music for non- (or hardly) existing dancefloors populated only by a few lost kids that are definitely not all right. Music for high speed strobe attacks, aggressive fog machine abuse, abandoned factory sites and cyberpunk parties celebrating the acidic post nuke rain. They're out there. And they need this music. Still. Limited to 200 copies only.


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