Thursday, February 06, 2014

Time To Say Goodbye - Splitting From FAZE Magazine

As some of you might already know and others who've been missing my monthly column and record reviews in the recent February issue of FAZE Magazine have asked questions about why none of the mentioned have appeared this months print issue here's just a short statement that baze.djunkiii and FAZE have split paths recently after a roughly two years period. Basicly I enjoyed working with them for most of the time and was happy about the amount of freedom I had as a writer - both speaking of topics discussed in the monthly "There's More To Life Than..."-column as well as when it came to quite a bunch of merciless, slating reviews that were published in print and online issues without any censorship, rewritings or even questioning my opinion at a point - a freedom that is a rare good in a commercial print publication these days and therefore I'm not totally happy about things coming full circle again as I've been going through similar splits before throughout all the years of writing. But still - a few incidents not to be discussed here in detail made me sit up and take notice as I've seen and heard the same kind of signals before. And they've been causing sneaking suspicion for a reason so a further collaboration under the same terms and conditions seems to be impossible at this point. No bad vibes - just sharing the facts.


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