Thursday, February 13, 2014

Girl With The Gun - Ages [Folk Wisdom 001 Promo]

Set for release on February 28th is Girl With The Gun's first - and the very first release of the new Interbang-subsidiary itself - album on the freshly launched Folk Wisdom-label. Named "Ages" the second longplay effort of the Italian-rooted duo consisting of Matilde Davoli and Andrea Mangia the album seems to revolve around a Psychedelia-driven intimate edge still, serving a dreamy, fog-covered view on Folk like the amazing Peaking Lights minus their dub but at the same time drifting away into more Pop-flavored territories with songs like "Love Far" which might even be appealing to a more mainstream audience as well as Glam fans with a tune like "Hover". But overall the intimate feeling overrules the exceptions whichare only a few amongst the ten songs on "Ages" which is a sweet one for listening in a huge club chair in front of an open fire - with a glass of port as company.


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