Sunday, February 09, 2014

The Glitch Mob - Love Death Immortality [Glass Air Records]

Ever been sucked into a warp drive? No? Listen to The Glitch Mob's new longplay assault named "Love Death Immortality" and you'll surely know what that feels like. Quite uncategorizable as we totally deny to use the perverted term EDM stylewise the ten tracks featured on this one fuse heavily twisted ElectroHouse bangers, dirtiest bass Filth, sawtooth-heavy BroStep and the occasional Pop-suitable vocal sample or overly catchy, high octane melody lick and a certain feel of precise and well on point 80s Rock drumming - thinking of epic, if not pathetic even anthems like "Final Countdown" here - sparkling through layers of compressed synth sounds into nothing but a massive bass monster that's sporting pure energy. A hybrid beast unleashed that's either loveable or hateable but undeniably able to move huge - spell: H-U-G-E ! - festival crowds within seconds, no matter if they consist of dedicated PLUR ravers or Metal heads doing the mill. Talking "I Need My Memory Back" we see one of the most uplifting intros ever turning into a happy 4/4 anthem for the fluo whistle and wristband crew whilst the seductive voice of Yaarrohs heard in "Fly By Night Only" might even - although contrasting banging electronics - enter daytime radio rotation and the closing tune "Beauty Of The Unhidden Heart" uncovers an even tender, romantic aspect of The Glitch Mob's music previously unthought of. Impressive.


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