Wednesday, February 05, 2014

baze.djunkiii Charts 02/2014

01. Gelbart - Vermin [Gagarin Records]
What a great (con)fusion. Adi Gelbart a.k.a. Gelbart serves a sweet piece of ArtSchool-influenced lofi'ish, playful Spiral Space Punk touched by quite a lot of trippin' Psychedelia on his newest longplay piece named "Vermin" which has been put on the circuit via the legendary Gagarin Records label recently which has been home to a wide-range of un-fileable artists like Die Weltraumforscher, Pia Burnette, Felix Kubin, Gunter Adler and many more in the past  15 years. This genealogy of music given one can - possibly - imagine that this totally lovely and loveable longplay release drifts into far out spheres way beyond any established term, even more given the fact that the two tracks on the B-side were originally written as a soundtrack to the album name-providing short film. If you share a distinct love for all things special and leftfield this one might be the soundtrack to your next trip into space. Say "hi" if you meet the man on the moon, any kind of white rabbit or even the sarcastic rover out there.

02. Stoornis - Rave Alarm / Coexsystems - Level Five Exp. [Audio Riots Records 002]
Watch this post for soundfiles....

03. Animalhouse [Hirntrust Grind Media 037 Promo]
Watch review for details...

04. Echo 106 - Infernal Regions [Lux Records]
Techno? Yes. Acid madness? Please. Echoes of Motor City? We like. This 2x12" vinyl piece produced by two brothers based somewhere in Switzerland is to be filed under the flag of an instant classic and essential blueprint of what quality electronic dancefloor music is all about. A sparse structure, highly functional, well thought of elements, a certain deepness, sweet seductive melancholia and irresistible grooves sucking everybody onto the dancefloor within seconds. This one's not to be missed for a reason - if still in doubt listen to the uberly epic first 120 seconds of  "Wretched Souls" which turns out to be the most spooky and haunting Techno tune produced in ages. Massive.

05. Steve Bug - Simple, Thick & Raw [Poker Flat Recordings 144 Promo]
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06. [aniYo kore] - Y [BOBHARRIS 003 Promo]
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07. Ich-AG Geige - Trickbeat [Arbeiten Und Nicht Verzweifeln 001 Promo]
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08. Wyoming - Fountain [AdP Records Promo]
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09. Henry Rodrick - Don't Believe [Studio Barnhus 017 Whitelabel Promo]
The Chicago Juke / Footwork movement takes over the world slowly and now we see the first ever Juke / Footwork record produced in Sweden coming from Henry Rodrick, the latest signing to the genre eclectic Sudio Barnhus-camp. Electro'esque beats and sample madness on warp drive speed, informed by synth squeezing Skweee plus brutally pitched Disco and Funk licks cranked up to the max is what the young producer serves here, providing a unique view on most abstract vary speed dance music that has ever rocked floors. And we do like that.

10. Bloodgroup - Disquiet [Sugarcane Recordings]
Four tracks taken from the recent Bloodgroup album "Tracing Echoes" remixed by the likes of Com Truise, Girl Unit, Keep Shelly In Athens and Renaissance Man all transferring the bands epic originals into deep electronic spheres ranging from multistring-layered Post SynthPop to deepest, yet, anthemic melodic structures on top of slow motion, kinda electroid beats, haunting, melancholia-led Post Step - this goes for the winning remix beauty provided by Keep Shelly In Athens - and finally a sparse but sub bass-driven killer workout for advanced dancefloors. Nice one.


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