Monday, July 28, 2014

Various Artists - Hyperdub 10.2 [Hyperdub Promo]

Celebrating its tenth anniversary  in 2014 with a string of releases and compilations the widely appreciated Hyperdub label has recently unleashed the 14 track strong sampler "Hyperdub 10.2" which is not only gathering some of the labels most recognized artists alongside a bunch of talented producers that haven't seen much media coverage up to this date but also covers the labels vast and diverse musical spectrum. Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland are opening things with a sweet TripHop 2.0 tune named "Signal 2012", Burial explores the positive, yet melancholia driven spheres of PostGarage and serves an overly kitschy outro for his "Shell Of Light" whilst Jessy Lanza sets dark, threatening gangsta basslines up against undeniably seductive Future R'n'B and pays homage to some of the great Plastic R'n'B ballads of the late 80s and Cooly G is following the same line with her song that's "Obsessed" but minus the gangsta bass. King Britt's Fhloston Paradigm's "Never Defeated" featuring Rachel Claudio deals with stumbling, super abstract Downtempo rhythm structures before catering top notch synth jams and introducing the next level of angelic Philly Soul to the wowed audience - also check the review of the recent Fhloston Paradigm album here. With DVA's "Super Solid" things get more uplifting with what's to be called a huge Future Garage anthem paying respect to Jungle days through sweet beat wizzardry, epidemic stab works and great vocals performed by Zaki Ibrahim - a tune abstract as fuck beatwise but at the same time causing dancefloor mayhem when reloaded in a rave. Ikonika & Dam-Funk join forces for an electronic Disco Funk piece that's one of the rare weak points in "Hyperdub 10.2" due to the attempt of emulating the glory of the King Of Pop-era and failing for a kitsch-dripping reason and it seems like Morgan Zarate's "Pusher Taker" featuring Roses Gabor takes the uber-sweetness level even higher with his epic, super Slomo Dubstep meets Future R'n'B presented in "Pusher Taker". Being her second take on this album Jessy Lanza's "You And Me" fuses Plastic (Neo)Soul with bouncing Trap, cut-heavy sample works, sparse killer bass and funky synths for a perfect late night dancefloor experience that can be pointed out as the main highlight of this album for sure. Later on we see Morgan Zarate on production again with "Sticks & Stone" which is a huge oldskool'ish Funk / R'n'B / HipHop production featuring Eska and the legendary Ghostface Killah on microphone duty. Getting closer to the end the so-called "Soule Power Mix" of DVA's "Just Vybe" starts with a heavy 4/4 but turns out as a swinging Soul amalgamation of Future Garage and West London Phusion dedicated to all followers of Dego and his 2000 Black gang. Even the praised Grimeist Terror Danjah proves his abilities as Future R'n'B producer here whilst Meleka literally seduces the listener on spot on his tune "You Make Me Feel" before the legendary DJ Rashad and his homies DJ Spinn & Taso are up for some serious Juke action with their killer cut "Only One" taken from his "Double Cup" album. With the final tune "Lies, Lies feat. Copeland" we see Hyperdub head honcho Kode9 bringing in his vision of UK Funky, a short and swinging statement of a vocal tune that possibly implies a glimpse into the next decade of Hyperdub Bass Music. If you haven't been catching up on the imprints latest doings this one is a nice opportunity to do so. Check.


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