Saturday, August 02, 2014

Reinhold Friedl / Franck Vigroux - Tobel [Alamuse 005 Promo]

Soon to be unleashed via the French experimental imprint Alamuse is the approx. 36 minutes long collaborational release of "Tobel" - a one track album in which Reinhold Friedl is responsible for so-called Inside Piano sounds whilst Franck Vigroux takes care of the Electronics part which basicly results in an electrifying, high frequency buzz of a uberly sterile nature that's setting the tone for the first minutes before moonhowling dogs - or wolves - pave ways for the unsettling, haunting and nerve wrecking clang of numberless small metallic bars, the sound of an army of miniature cowbells attached to millions of lemmings on their way over the edge of the cliff into death whilst their final breath is announced by squeaking noise eruptions.  After this at minute 12: nearly dead silence, only a few rusty cables moving, abandoned hydraulics blown by the wind and echoes of cataclysmal drums afar. A threatening, alarming sense of alienation, of desert and death overrun by an electric storm that might be described as second part of this album. But also this one comes to an abrupt, surprising halt that bestows a few sound eruptions and more than a minute of near silence on the listener before widely scattered drums and strangely displaced violins announce further progression into abandoned, haunted areas. And it's especially this final sequence of "Tobel" that - without further information given on the actual purpose or conceptual direction of "Tobel" - leaves one thinking about how and whether these parts fall together right in a properly connected way or if they're just cut outs taken from separate sessions bond together for unknown reasons in hindsight. A puzzling affair.


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