Saturday, September 27, 2014

Agusta Lecetta, 1926 [Voluntary Whores 016 Promo]

Another obscure and pretty rare - we're talking 34 hand-numbered copies only here - tape recording has been put on the circuit via the ever active Voluntary Whores-imprint just recently which, according to the information given on the sleeve, contains a duplication of a cassette of unknown origin that was found somewhere in the Toscana-area in 2013. Apart from the weird appearance of the tape with fake blood drenched absorbent gauze and an ampule with an unknown fluorescent yellow-green'ish substance that is defined as suicide potion on discogs it seems like this is one of the hardest-to-handle field recordings we've ever come across as most of it seems like a muffled real time recording of, well, torture. And we're not talking like fake film stuff here but a woman seesawing in between deadly terror, blackest despair and total fatigue on the A-side whilst only a few signs of life are to be found in the beginning of the B-side which is buzzing with grinding noises, breathing sounds - possibly pain-related , possibly panic-stricken - and indifferent rumbling able to light darkest thoughts about what the visual equivalent to these recordings might be, especially when things climax again towards the tapes very end. We don't want to know. This is disgusting. Period.


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