Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sascha Müller - 40 Tracks for 40 Days [Super 6 Records]

Well, this one has been out on the circuit for quite a while - Sascha Müller's birthday present to himself when he turned 40 earlier this year and a free download gift to 200 of his fans which is now available via all good download shops. As the title suggests we see a large fourty track strong bundle of music here that accumulates approximately five full hours of sound, fresh and previously unreleased from the jam-packed archives of Mr. Müller. Opening with a deep, dubby and pretty hypnotic MinimalTechno piece named "Die Geschichte Wird Sich Wiederholen" and going further into this field with "Das Spiel" we see a matured artist exploring and championing new challenges before he's hitting our eardrums with some jacking AcidHouse in "Platicine" - a tune that pays homage to the early Chitown scene for a reason. In "Sumpomat" we see some experimental, repetetive and well robotic Noize and machine loops providing a quite claustrophobic experience stretched out over nearly nine minutes whilst the thirteen minutes of "Atmospheric Science" draw us deeply into the realms of subaquatic Deep Listening and Ambient. More classic Chicago Acid is to be found in "Work That Line" before we skip a few - high quality - tracks only to see unprocessed percussions and seductive chords send punters to heaven in the oldskool'ish and raw ClonkHouse workout called "Finally Bass". "Bambi" offers quite a thrilling combination of strange classical loops layered on top of deep, tense, crime scene minimalism, before "GO GO" exemplifies the existence of a genre named PsychoAcid perfectly. "Hard Shaking" goes back to the sweet seduction of multilayered 303s in AcidHouse, "Atrauma" turns out to be the first real Techno banger with bassdrums as hard as solid steel and well reminiscent to the specific dark Rave experience once provided by classic anthems like "The House Of House" or "Can You Feel The Baze?" and "Insektenfalle" is speeding things up to the max, causing dancefloor mayhem amongst all those loving their Acid psyched out and shrieking. With  "White Noise Drop Out" we see a dark, dry and well-twisted Experimental Breakbeat excess going down which is best played out in a decayed and run down industrial environment, the "Nagano Alien" sends Intelligent Armchair Electro transmissions to outer space and  "Ach Nee" combines Intelligent Techno minimalism with robotic noise sweeps, short synth stabs, clicking surface noises and a tripping tongue-in-cheek attitude when it comes to the abuse of twisted vocal samples. Intense, cinematic Ambient is the theme of "Take A Ride", "The Alien In The Pocket" serves more cold and abstract extraterrestrial communication signals, "Schiebend Fahren" is on a rolling Minimal House tip again and with the high-octane "Sonic Fiction" we see a super sweet DiscoHouse groove ruling primetime sets for a reason. Those appreciating their Techno fast and ravey will be pleased by the sonic assault named "Fussel" that's about to set bodies in motion with some killer stabs and breakdowns and so will "Turn That Up", a positive, bubbling and car horn-sporting AcidHouse anthem for all jackers out there. The thrilling "Das SETI Projekt" combines floating synth melodies  with futuristic Electro beats to great result whilst "Undead" stretches out over approx. 21 minutes for a journey into Drone and haunting Dark Ambient realms and "Save The Music" brings back the Tribal in Techno although it seems like the proper bass got lost somehow along the way as this tune clearly shows a lack of punch. Fans of hard bangin' Techno will see shivers running down their spine when listening to the massive "Break Your Mind", "A Night In Bangkok" lifts the underground Trance crowd to new heavens and "Feed Jack" amalgamates sharp hi-hat works, bubbling Acid, tender chords and intense bass Phonk for the late night House crew. More freeflowing musical vibes are to be found in the AcidTrance tribute "Physical War" and the final, hyperdigital "Trikkles" perfectly emulates what was once filed under the flag of Clicks'n'Cuts, restructuring the sound of the digital communication age to build something (advanced) dancefloor friendly. A huge compilation of tunes for sure that's highly recommended not only due to its excellent execution but also due to its stylistic variety. Well done.


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