Friday, March 13, 2015

Klangwart - Transit [Staubgold 133 Promo]

A little delayed due to late arrival this review is, covering the sixth studio album in the career of the notorious Klangwart duo which was put on the circuit via Staubgold in January 2015 under the name of "Transit" - a 35 minutes journey through a set of nine tracks in which Markus Detmer and Timo Reuber continue their exploration of Drone, Ambient and Deep Listening Music for those in the know. Especially the intense, ritual,trance-inducing and pretty percussive "Express" is sticking out here, serving a melange of off-kilter filters, aboriginal transcendence and elements of progressive KrautRock before making a surprising turn towards graval, inward-looking medidational vibes. This calm, innocent feel is picked up by the follow-up "Station" as well which is wandering the paths of so-called PopAmbient whilst the albums title track fuses ethereal Ambient with more tribalistic percussions and sees Klangwart entering dancefloors at a very rare occasion. Furthermore the vibrant tribal, yet also psychedelic and slightly hippie'esque feel continues in "Passage II", a track that also'd well fit into a balearic Morning Trance context and so would the meandering pianos and peaceful underwater melodies of "Exile" before the unsettling "Rendezvous" pays homage to the roaring synthesizer thunder of Tangerine Dream's legendary score for "Sorcerer", one of the most fascinating musical works for film created in the 1970's. Defo a good one although a little surprising for us as we haven't been following Klangwart's musical pathways closely since their split 7" with Tarkatak named "Töa / Amöbenruh" released via Klangstelle / Trümmer Kassetten back in 1998 on which their musical focus was clearly more Drone related than today.


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