Friday, May 08, 2015

Alva Noto - Xerrox Vol.3 [Raster Noton 159 Promo]

Recently released via Raster-Noton after a five years break within the series is "Xerrox Vol. 3",  the next sequel in a five album concept dealing with the idea of endless data reproduction and the transformation that lies within the process, when - as the info sheet describes it - copies are made from copies. Even being in the digital age of so-called lossless reproduction there are glitches, data errors and other alterations happening when the copy-of-copy process is rolled out into eternity and transferring this idea to sound is the main foundation of "Xerrox" as a conceptual approach. Using these kind of altered sounds as a source to work with one would naturally expect a rather glitchy, distorted,  battered or at least highly abstract result from Alva Noto's new longplay piece but is taken by surprise as the output turns out to be the exact opposite - kind of. Of course there is static noise and crackling digital sounds to be found on "Xerrox Vol. 3" but the overall vibe is more Ambient than Clicks'n'Cuts, a very soft spoken, organic and intimate, in parts even esoteric and kitschy view on Ambient indeed. So it perfectly makes sense that Alva Noto himself describes "Xerrox Vol. 3" as his most personal album in his career so far, but still it makes us wonder if its sequels will going down the same alleyway or if he'll find his way back to the - more interesting - exploration of electronic abstractions in the future?


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