Thursday, May 14, 2015

I'm Not A Band - Oceans [AdP Records]

Still hot on AdP Records is "Oceans", the third album instalment by the label's longtime associate  Stephan Jung and his recently reconditioned I'm Not A Band-project that's now vocally fronted by lead singer Simon Ortmeyer who's adding a new, formerly unheard shade to the band's explorations in the realms of IndieElectro and ElectroPop uniquely amalgamated with both classical and modernistic violin treatment techniques for which the charismatic outfit I'm Not A Band is loved for by their fans and followers. With their first, pretty uplifting single outtake "Colours" still making waves on dancefloors all over the place and more thrilling songs like the epic ballad "Ocean Heart", the stirring hit-to-be "Cages" both pleasing modern House- as well as Indie loving crowds whilst catering nothing but good vibes and lovely instrumental cuts like "Into Something New Pt. II" included on "Oceans" it seems like I'm Not A Band are on a pretty sweet joyride here, although the overly distorted synth lines in the instrumental cut "April" sadly are flirting with the loudness wars of the EDM and can be identified as a weak and slightly irritating spot within an otherwise well-coherent album. Check.


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