Sunday, May 10, 2015

Frozen Houses - EP [self-released]

Coming in straight from Devon, UK is this self-released EP crafted by Alex Hill a.k.a. Frozen Houses with a little help from his wife Lucy on vocals and guitar. And it's for sure that these five songs, all sweet and tender like a warm day of spring, will be appreciated for brightening the days of all fans of acoustic, intimate Campfire Indie soaked with loads of folk'ish influences for a reason as their raw, yet elaborate melodies of often slightly repetitive nature and unique vocals kinda reminding us of things like 'Grunge gone Folk' - is this a thing? - are about to stick in one's head for quite a while after listening to them on repeat. Especially 'back on the train when the leaves ain't green / they say the trees are dead' from "Back On The Train", our favorite on this EP alongside the hypnotizing "Hummingbird", is such a line that's about to stick around for a while and will possibly never leave. Someone please sign Frozen Houses soon.


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