Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Kat Vinter - Islands [AdP Records]

Released only recently via the beloved Kulmbach-based label AdP Records is Kat Vinter's new five track piece "Island", her solo debut after successfully being on stage with the Australian Indie-outfit Cassette Kids for quite a while. With her debut, of which we've already talked about "Sooner Or Later" and "Downtime" on other platforms earlier this year, Kat Vinter - better known as Katrina Noorbergen to her friends and family - meanders in between lusty PopNoir, fragile Future Soul and undeniable UK Bass / Future Garage-influences to great effect. Especially the surprisingly fast paced, double-time savvy opener "Propaganda" is nothing short of anthemic whilst the epic, multi-layered and possibly most Pop-oriented "One Way Mirror" serves some pretty playful pitch-shift wizzardry and super synthetic clap arrangements possibly remotely reminiscing of Chicago's Juke scene and the final title track spreads out decent, catchy Pop-melancholia on top of a sparse Future R'n'B skeleton surely also appealing to fans of contemporary acts like Emika or Future Brown these days. Check.


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