Friday, May 15, 2015

Prince Buju - We Are In The War [Makkum Records / Red Wig]

Now to something completely different and defo non-electronic hailing from the urban catchment area of Ghana's biggest metropolis - Accra. This area is home to Prince Buju, charismatic singer and kologo player - kologo being the Frafra name for a two-stringed lute, a traditional West African instrument also referred to as xalam / khalam, ngoni, bappe or molo in other African languages - , which, due to an intricate story, a cassette tape on repeat and the involvement of another Accra-based musician and bar owner going by the name King Ayisoba was picked up and signed by the Amsterdam-based label Makkum Records, which is now unvealing a fascinating, raw and powerful view on traditional 21st century African music that only rarely leaves the continent of its origin as it's hardly ever released or if, only on hard to find cassette tapes. Fever'ish, trance-inducing music meets Prince Buju's sinewy, throaty vocals spreading his personal message to a spine-tingling, well-hypnotic effect that leaves us hungry for more kologo sound to enter the European music bubble. There's a whole new world to explore and we're ready for it.  


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