Monday, June 29, 2015

Meanza & De - OU [Aut Records 018 Promo]

Put on the circuit on June 15th, 2015 via Aut Records is "OU", the first collaborational album effort of media artist Bob Meanza and sitar player Filipe Dias De under their conjunctial moniker Meanza & De in which they serve an eight tracks an 45 minutes journey into Ambient realms with an experimental and slightly disharmonic twist. Electronic improvisations somewhere in between Drone-influenced, cinematic spheres and an electrical buzz meet sparse, hollow sounding percussion elements, hyperdigital clicks and the out of tune sound of Dias De's prepared sitar, creating a cold, partly esoteric yet not necessarily easily accessible sonic environment that stems from a Berlin-recorded, four-hour non-stop performance - all re-edited and recomposed by Bob Meanza to built "OU" from this source material. The result seems to be best described somewhat in between the sound intellectualisms of the late - ca. 2010 - MillePlateaux / MillePlateauxMedia / Ritornell / Cluster conglomerate, hippie'esque Indietronics, ethnic Folklore influences as well as the diverse output of labels like City Centre Offices and the likes of. Defo more of a specialists release that won't appeal to a wide audience for sure but an album that is catering quite a fascinating view on Illbient / Plunderphonics Dub with the tune "Puppets" which is, according to our listening session, an outstanding highlight amidst a bunch of more balky and abstract tunes which make up the majority of the album. 


Anonymous Aut said...

Thanks! We're balky and obstinate, that's true! ;-) And we appreciated that you spotted "Puppets" as the album's single. Here it is:

3:56 PM  

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