Sunday, June 21, 2015

Kackegeruch - Das Beste Von Heute Zum Preis Von Morgen (Best Of 1999 - 2015) [Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 020 Promo]

This hand-numbered, limited to 50 copies C-100 (yes folks, 100 minutes...) gold-glittered 26 song cassette tape by the ominous German project Kackegeruch - translate as: 'smell of feces'- is possibly the most debatable and questionable release on the underground imprint Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse so far. Although one might claim that this project, brainchild of Turgut Kocer of Shhhh Records and Voluntary Whores, does refer to the tradition of Dada, full-on nonsense and - in a sense that painter Jonathan Meese would like - total art which would explain the stylistic inconsistency with a range from total DIY homerecording trash ("Eine Luftikus Fur Dik"), to obscure Rhythm Industrial accompanied by weird German accent ("Du Mit Deinem Scheiss Barschgesicht") , (Neo)Trance ("Urin") and beyond one might and must still seriously question whether a label should provide a platform for psyched out torture phantasies as to be found in "Der Zangenmacher" or the Happy Pop of  "Ich Bin Verwahrlost" sporting super sick, partly pedophilia-implying lyrics. Also songs like the paranoid "Alles Kontrollierbar" cast a damning light on the artists mental health for a reason and so does the surely illegaly Sven Väth cover "Streifzug Durch Die Szene". Apart from that the album provides some quality moments in the retro'esque MinimalPop of "Hey Hey Zucker" - which is the albums highlight for sure - and the quirky MinimalWave of "Kaffeegesichtmutter" as well as well entertaining moments with songs like the Ilsa Gold-reminiscing "Eurovision Beitrag Bayern", the ElectroClash on overdose named "Katzenaugen" or "Liebes Tagebuch" which makes fun of record reviews and magazines for a reason, the MC Hammer-cover "Das Kannst Du Nicht Berühren" or the great Acid-heavyNicole-spoofing EuroTrash "Ein Bisschen Frieden Für Danach". Obscure for sure and after two listening sessions we feel like the producer behind Kackegeruch should go and see a therapist. Pronto!


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