Monday, June 15, 2015

Poligono Hindu Astral - 00110010 [Verlag System 004 Promo]

Coming from Spain and reviving the synthesizer magic of classic Cosmic and New Age music with their latest album "00110010" being released via Verlag System is the electronic music duo Poligono Hindu Astral, perfectly emulating the spaced out feel of the 70s and early 80s brought to a sonically tripping audience by artists like Klaus Schulze and the likes of. Using and abusing a wide range of classic analogue equipment to a trance-inducing effect as to be found in the mysteriously floating "Terra Incognita" or delivering a score'esque set of perturbing robotic sci-fi noises announcing imminence and danger with tracks like "Miles Millones De Anos" whilst the 4/4-based, beautiful Proto-Trance of "Bronce" surely awes open crowds in early morning sets on the shores of Goa. "N.Av" fuses tripping synth modulations and seductive grooves, "Aguas Subterraneas" introduces a kinda subaquatic, drexciyan touch to Cosmic music whilst "Lineas Que Describen Circulos" is about to please all those loving their minimalistic Space Electro right before the cryptic "B3 CIII.Y.E37" takes the listener on a mental journey to calm, peaceful areas and the fascinating final "Rocas Gravitando A La Deriva" enters more modernistic Electro realms to set advanced dancefloors in motion. Recommended!


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