Thursday, June 18, 2015

Stefan Wesolowski - Kompleta [Ici D'Ailleurs]

Recently re-issued via the ever active experimental imprint Ici D'Ailleurs is "Kompleta", the originally 2008-released debut of the Polish producer Stefan Wesolowski who, since then, has made a mark on imprints like Miasmah, Ghostly International, Important and others. Produced and composed at the a early age of 21 these nine tracks with a  total runtime of 31 minutes encounter solemn, string-laden territories, accompanied by exigent, grave vocals evoking memories of medieval times and parochial ceremonies of paramountcy. This said and combined with contemporary techniques of todays (neo)classical composition and contemplative, electronic droning "Kompleta" is defo a rich and intense listening experience and surely about to become a beloved companion for thoughtful, reflective, autumnal late night hours spent in front of an open fire. We likey.


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