Saturday, June 20, 2015

Various Artists - Rock'N'Roll People Vol. 4 [Schamoni Musik / Pico's Yodelin Records]

Coming straight from the vaults of Munich's underground is this twelve track compilation, a conjunctional effort released by Schamoni Musik and Pico's Yodelin Records to please all lovers of things leftfield, artschool and obscure. Less Rock'N'Roll than the title promises but more related to the DIY-school of PostPunk, Ingenious Dilettantes, (No)Wave and similar styles "Rock'N'Roll People Vol. 4" caters both live and home studio works by previously unheard of underground bands and projects like Jacke Wie Hose, Das Weiße Pferd feat. Relle Büst, Tagar, Lunsentrio feat. Sarah Gonputh and many others, delivering own compositions, often also home recorded and / or being raw, noisey studio sketches like Murena Murena's melancholia-inducing "Shy Goose", Derribos Arias preset-rhythm based "Aprenda Aleman En 7 Dias" or the afro chant-influenced "Polisario Edit" by LeRoy as well as fascinating interpretations of well known songs of the past, e.g. "Porque Te Vas", "7 Tage Lang" or "Huna Huna" which, albeit heavily obscured, still do heavily trigger the collective human memory of Pop music and evoke warm, cosy feelings for some reason. Interesting stuff for sure! 


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