Sunday, June 07, 2015

Various Artists - No. I [No. Ware. 001 Promo]

Released on May 27th via No. Ware. , the Berlin- / Santiago-based label run by Atom™ and Material Object, is No. I, the first label compilation celebrating material released on the label throughout the past twelve months as a continuously arranged 73 minutes mix incorporating sonic material by the likes of Atom™, Sagittarius A, NSI, Jacek Sienkewicz and various others. Slowly evolving from Ambient and Deep Listening, slightly embracing decent, advanced dancefloor suitable rhythm structures here and there, exploring technoid realms as well as more ritual fields with tracks like Sagittarius A's "Omega Point" but always keeping on the soundscapey, droney, more listening side of things this decent mix selection fully embraces the sonic spectrum of imprints past year nicely whilst still unveiling a new perspective to its output as all tracks featured here have been heavily altered and overdubbed for a perfect fit this limited to 200 copies CD release that is about to please all lovers of Deep Listening Music for sure although it is a little too slick and polished to truly stand out as exceptional within this musical field. Solid quality.  


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