Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Gabi Delgado - 2 [Oblivion / SPV Promo]


Gabi Delgado needs no introduction. His participation in DAF is seminal, his first solo album "Mistress" is a classic and the 1999-attempt to fuse Techno Rave and the raw, approach of DAF in the legendary album "Der DAF / DOS Staat" under the DAF / DOS moniker is nothing but epic still - and also closely connected to pleasant memories as the way younger and pretty much unversed self of the author of these lines got to meet Mr. Delgado for a pre-show interview in Hannover which turned out to be a pretty nice fellow. Sixteen years have passed since this day, the electronic music scene has changed multiple times and Mr. Delgado is still around, with his new 32 track double album "2" to come in mid-August. An album modernistic and timeless that has not forgotten about the highly energetic, hyped dancefloors of the Rave age without relying on worn-out formulas and cliches. The epic combination of compelling beats, huge melodies and jarring basslines sets every club floor on fire within seconds - especially when it comes to huge anthems like "NOKM", "Gott Ist Tot" or the NuSkoolBreaks-reminiscing "Dein Blick" -  whilst Delgado's trademark vocals induce a hyper-erotic command-and-obey feel that's nothing short of super seductive for everyone from goth to raver, Indie-kid, ElectroPunk addict and in between. And even songs like the beat-complex, piano-sporting "Liebeslieder" or the deeply floating, Trance-inducing "Regen" are perfectly suited for being blasted through a huge P.A. rig in the wee hours, pleasing late night dancers and restless creatures of the night. With "Begrüssungsgeld" we're entering a super raw'n'sexy House music on overdrive mode, further into the album we're discovering killer lyrics like 'Feuer, Wasser, Erde, Blitz - Im Winter schreib ich Sommerhits'  and a new version of the former DAF / DOS tune "Festina" whilst "Musik" brings on the most simple, yet fascinating breakbeat-loop we've come across in ages. Going into the second part of "2" we're greeted by another ironic killer anthem entitled "Zerstör Die Disco" which will be regarded as future classic in years to come and so will be the following "Tiere" - a technoid, ever climaxing bass-heavy monster of a song. The spine-tingling uberthrill of "Untergrund" brings in Gabi Delgado's vision of a spliced, rewind-worthy Drum'n'Bass foundation for primetime abuse, "Casioparty" meanders in between LoFi Synth- and scenic FuturePop, the bouncy "Kriegstanz" seems to be influenced by styles like Kuduro as well as bleepy UK Bass-derivatives whilst the deadly subs of the nightmarish, apocalyptic "Angst" reflect years over years in which Gabi Delgado immerged himself in pure sonic bass research - one of the best amongst a shitload of great tracks on this album. With "Bikini" we get a sweet'n'playful summer hit in terms of Minimal Pop House, the reverb-heavy "Im Honig" teases the big room crowd with Acid-reminiscing bass lines and romantic, slightly oriental flute-samples and "Liebe, Sex Und Drogen" fuses stomping beats, ecstatic high energy cut-ups, FrenchTouch and resonating, wobbly bass attacks to a great, impressive, endorphine-driven effect. Our verdict: What a blast of an album - 10 / 10.       


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