Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 033]

And here it is - the 33rd untitled album of Sascha Müller released on his very own imprint Supersix Records Extra including eleven tracks from the inexhaustible vaults of this super productive artist. Starting things with two mixes of the track "See My Tears" we enter the world of tropical drums and TechTrance with the so-called 'Progressive Mix' whilst the 'Vocal Club Mix' comes up with a full-on, quality Trance vibe that meets a few cliches but totally proves that this - mostly commercialized - genre has things to offer still. With the follow up "Swamp Chamber" we start our journey to more underground realms with dry, repetetive and mechanical ClubTechno being stripped down to the bone, "Testpress" also rides on a pretty reduced wave but includes trippy filter action and acidic, ever spiralling references here and there before epic, melodic stabs introduce a proper late night Rave feeling and "The Force" provides a powerful but puzzling sonic experience as the whole production seems to focus on the mid-range and high end of the audible spectrum whilst the big boom on the low end is missing. Fans of fever'ish TribalTechno with a noisey House twist will love the deeply pumping "The Gimp" for a reason, a tune that provides a dry, minimalistic main motif which reminds us of DJ Enrique's "The Talent E.P." released via Ladomat /  Playhouse throughout the second half of the nineties, "Unit 1 - Entry" caters dirty, hard, tool'ish, functional Techno to all those who still refer to Techno as highly demanding body music, "Vanguard" stays on the fast lane whilst adding up a few ravey signals to its thrilling, technoid foundation and "Voltage Level" reminisces of jackin' underground shelter parties, serving dry drums and classic shrieking 303-abuse for the real headz. Finally the well-pounding, hyperfunctional "Yeah!!!" keeps all true Techno enthusiasts excited throughout the peak time and the closing tune "Acid Pilot" explores beatless, trippy Ambient realms and extraterrestrial swamps throughout a total runtime of nearly 12 minutes. Quality stuff!


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