Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Venderstrooik ‎– Trompetter & Klaroengeschal (Het Bedroevende Resultaat Van 10 Jaar Smart En Ellende) [Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 049 Promo]

The Munich-based underground tape imprint Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse just performed a huge jump forward in terms of catalogue numbers these days and released their 049 earlier this month which is Venderstrooik's debut album entitled "Trompetter & Klaroengeschal (Het Bedroevende Resultaat Van 10 Jaar Smart En Ellende)". With 18 tracks rolled out over the whole playtime of a C60 cassette we're entering a diversified world of obscure, lo-fi novelty music slightly in the vein of the legendary projects like Bodenständig 2000 or Yppasswdd Daemons, smashing our heads against walls whilst listening to raw, underground TrackerCore and total dada whilst twisted DopeBeatz are evoking memories of The Dank, Rei$$dorf Force or Timestretch Paradise and the likes of. Going deeper into this album we find good portions of Dutch DIY ItaloDisco, Heroin Rave, Score Noir experiments, super tense robotribe futurism, Mutant SynthWave as well as high energy, lo-fi Rave for fans of Ilsa Gold - see "Jehova Disco Dancing (DrangFaktor RMX)" for this -, uberly perverted Marching Music / Schlager / ***Core crossovers and finally bits of twisted Indietronics and Space Opera on LSD to meet the needs of each and every weirdo out there. If we're asked at some point in time if we've ever come across an album that might be referred to as an musical equivalent to /b/ we might consider to name this one. For many reasons.


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