Monday, November 16, 2015

Duality Micro - gbdits 1 []

Another release coming in from the German cassette tape underground is the fresh "gbdits 1" album recently crafted by Manfred Reckers, better known under his Duality Micro moniker to all fans of Chiptune and related styles. With this album stretched out over a bunch of twelve tracks Mr. Reckers explores electronic realms including moony, melodious Ambient Techno, positive yet minimalistic House grooves, seductive TechHouse workouts with a glitzy twist as well as playful novelty tunes and even spiralling, Acid-infused tracks for ecstatic warehouse parties. Furthermore we'll find excursions into what can be best described as Happy 8Bit Techno, floating late night Trance, more storming, braincell wrecking Acid and finally Theme-Song Techno on cuteness overdrive which concludes an interesting musical journey for all those being able to get hold of one of these presumably pretty limited albums.


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