Friday, November 13, 2015

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 038]

Released on November 12th, 2k15 is Sascha Müller's next untitled album on his very own imprint Supersix Records Extra which once again caters eleven fine tracks to all lovers of quality electronic music, starting with the hypnotic, gooey AcidTrance of "5 Million Years Ago" stretched out over approx. 8 minutes and followed by the banging, yet slightly tripping, Acid-flavored Techno tune that's meant to "Save The Planet" as well as the deep, slightly psychedelic early morning effort named "Traffic" which is a blueprint for highly functional, yet reduced Techno at its best. "Trouble Short" brings in a bit of cut-up, detailed TechnoJazz attitude on a seductively pumpin' 4/4-foundation, "Vocalism" sets crowds on fire with a fast-paced, ultra percussive tribalist vibe fused with nice organic, analogue House chords and tense, alarming strings whilst "Voltage Controlled" is a massive, spiralling and dry as hell Acid banger for all the purists out there. With his tune "Walk In Spave (Vocal Mix)" Sascha Müller immerses crowds in proggy, uptempo TechTrance but also caters some pretty cheesy melodies and quirky, lo-fi vocals that do a lot of damage to the promising start, "Waveforms" makes up for that in terms of bringing some sweet wobbly bass synths and phonky Minimalism to all underground venues around the world before "Wintersonnenwende" caters some floating Ambient Techno for all sophisticated ChillOut floors. Furthermore we see "Wunschmaschinenmusik" going even deeper in terms of providing warm and embracing underwater Ambient Trance and the final cut "Zone 23" fully zens out on classic Ambient like once served by classic, long time defunct labels like Interference Records and the likes of. Killer tune for a closing of a great album.


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