Saturday, November 14, 2015

Slobodan Kajkut - Terrible Fake [God Records 033 Promo]

Coming in from the Austrian experimental imprint God Records is their 33rd release, the latest longplay piece by label head Slobodan Kajkut entitled "Terrible Fake". Split in two parts - "Terrible Fake" and "Terrible Dub" - we see Mr. Kajkut meandering through a world of (neo)classically influenced piano noir improvisations and off-rhythm drum structures with a free, slightly jazz-reminiscing twist throughout the approx. 23 minutes of "Terrible Fake", creating a calm and fascinating theme of smoke, darkness and tension whilst the "Terrible Dub" is an ultimately stripped down, darker version of that featuring one simple, moody piano chord trailing off repeatedly alongside a spooky, Illbient-reminiscing beat that's slowly pulsating in the very background of the mix, providing a droney, time-dissolving feel of eternal darkness and the continuous, unhasty movement of continental drift. Nice.


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