Monday, December 14, 2015

BELP - Elephants [Schamoni Musik Promo]

Released only a few days ago is the latest output of Munich-based artist and Schamoni Musik founder Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer a.k.a. BELP who's about to conquer the world of advanced electronic dancefloors and chill out areas with a bunch of six tracks here. Starting the AA-side with the stumbling, bass heavy Space Jazz vs. Future Skweee effort with the search engine-unfriendly name "*~++*++~**++**+++~~~~ (tidal wave)" it becomes pretty clear that this EP takes us on a journey into widely unexplored terrain, "6ghz | Elephants" could be easily referred to as result of the famous BBC Radiophonic Workshop due to its haunting 'reel-to-reel played backwards' aesthetics and "Elephants (ending)" stimulates brainwaves with a 250 seconds transmission of Space Ambient vs. a well unsettling foundation of abstract, heavily filtered Illbient / Electronica beats which are triggering fond memories of Pierrot Premier's 1995-released "Pain-Killer Pilot Plant" here and there. On the flip we see "Dialing 2328628" please all Dubstep / UK Bass headz as well as fans of artists like Deadbeat or Monolake with its on-point, dancefloor friendly yet abstract and broken approach, "Forever New Frontiers (Continued ...)" balances the fine line between Electronic Dub and Dubstep derivatives as well whilst the final "Grillen" is somewhat of a hybrid between IDM and Lo-Fi Hardcore well suitable for raves like Bangface and the likes of. Nice one!


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