Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Sascha Müller & Duality Micro - Vortex [Psychocandies 042]

Another release scheduled for April 14th, 2k16 is "Vortex", the new collaborational effort of Sascha Müller and longtime mate Duality Micro who are presenting a serving of five tracks here named "Vortex A" to "Vortex E" in which the pairing explores tripping, ever evolving Acid realms. Instead of focusing on regular track structures it seems like both producers are drifting through a series of well-psychedelic live jams in which beats are allowed to dissolve, tunes are changing their direction rapidly and get lost in minute-long sequences of beatless freeform experimentation for k-hole inhabitants, present screeching modulations or go deep into Intelligent Techno / Ambient Acid spheres, providing a brain-tingling journey to the hidden layers of the subconscious. Nice one.


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