Thursday, April 07, 2016

Xotox - Die Unruhe 2.0 [Pro Noize]

Going back to the year 2010 with a review of Xotox' album "Die Unruhe 2.0" which is actually an re-issued update of the project's 2004-released and quickly sold out album named "Die Unruhe" minus the remixes but plus two additional, previously unreleased bonus tracks taken from the same recording session. And this album for sure is a manifesto in terms of hard, electronic music meandering between Industrial / Rhythm Industrial and merciless, banging, Hardcore-influenced Techno defined through uberly compressed, slighty distorted bassdrums, nerve-wrecking sound structures and loads of dark, twisted and horror-inducing vocal samples emphasizing the brutalist attitude of the music. No matter if we're talking about the uncompromising stomp of the opener "Mechanische Unruhe", the dark melodic attitude of "Nasse Wände" or the disturbing Death Rave signals of "Pumpe / Düse", all of these tracks are created to provide maximum energy for strobe-lit underground dancefloors in the hidden basements of abandoned production facilities or concrete bomb shelters. And so are the apocalyptic melodies of "Gottlos" as well as the previously unreleased tunes "You Can't Hurt Me" which adds up an extra bit of ultraviolent distortion alongside thrilling synth bass movements and "The Punisher", best described as an impermeable wall of concrete Noize built on a foundation of fast-paced bassdrum terror. This is heavy!


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