Monday, May 16, 2016

RU DEAD 42 - Dead Field EP [Psychocandies 043 Promo]

A new artist is making his debut on the Psychocandies imprint these days with a four track single that's to be released as the labels 043 on May 19th, 2016. Starting things with "Kreissägeblatt" we're entering a world of precise, yet distorted and filtered Rave stabs accompanied by decent 303 modulations, the "Park Ranger" comes across as a more lightweight and floating piece of electronic music that's kinda emulating ProtoTrance vibes ca. 1993 and slightly reminds us of L. Van L.'s classic tune "Oligophrenie" vibewise whilst the "Recovery Shelter" provides no cover at all but sets out to shred and destroy braincells with heavy distortion attacks and gooey 303 spirals. Finally the "Trance Inductor" provides more of a stripped down Chicago House approach in terms of its foundation whilst adding a layer of harmonic synth beauty and a heavy, mind blowing wall of sawtooth bass that seems like it has been ripped off a bad ass Speed Garage banger and slowed down to perfectly fit into this new musical context, building a killer tune that surely induces night ecstasy when hammered through a massive rig and therefore is to be regarded as this releases top tune. Check.


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