Friday, May 20, 2016

Jürgen Eckloff - Angeflantschte Fugenstücke [90% Wasser Promo]

Put on the circuit via the 90% Wasser imprint only recently is Jürgen Eckloff's latest longplay piece entitled "Angeflantschte Fugenstücke" which contains his 2004-recorded, 20 minutes spanning piece "Bei Wanzen Geld Zurück" as well as six shorter, and probably more recent, efforts. Starting out with the mentioned, extended piece we're thrown into an empty space made of concrete or even solid rock whilst being confronted with highly unappetizing and uncivilized slurping and smacking sounds which are quite hard to bear, especially if one has eaten shortly before listening to this piece. Alongside these animalistic soundscapes which are seemingly wandering through the stereo field we hear slamming doors and heavy stuff being moved, distant, metallic clonks and clanging and more quite intimidating sonic events which provide, taken out of context, reduced to and thrown back to their purest audible self without any hints of what might be happening, quite a hard and well psyched out listening experience. On the flipside it's especially the trilogy "Mörtel I - IV" that sticks out, the first trilogy that - at least according to the info sheet - is comprised of four parts. Sounds nonsensical but, somehow, makes perfect sense when listening to these four short bits of Field Recordings and Musique Concrete that, especially talking "Mörtel I" here, evoke memories of a non-talkative breakfast being recorded - including cracking egg shells! - but also incorporate heavy mechanical layers, squealing drones and hammer-on-rock scenarios, clanging metal, ripping cloth and more, providing a highly detailed feel for spatial conditions and multi-dimensional, re-arranged soundwaves that we all do hear but ignore throughout our daily musings. Thrilling.


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