Thursday, May 19, 2016

Alte Sau - To Be As Livin' [Major Label 096 Promo]

Scheduled for release on June 3rd, 2k16 via Major Label is "To Be As Livin'", the sophomore album outing of Alte Sau which is yet another band project led by legendary Punk poet Jens Rachut, who is accompanied by Rebecca Oehms and Raoul Dore as well as a choir named Sibirische Falten which is - again - taking care of backing vocal duties. Stickin' to their approved foundation based on drums and vintage organs which provide a slightly Wave-orientated, dramatic and horror'esque feel - think here: The Munsters - the group's second output is, especially in comparison to their debut, on a deeper and more atmospheric tip musically, maybe even mellowed in their abstract social criticism and unfortunately not that intoxicating and awing as their same titled firstling although they'll surely please their most dedicated and die-hard fans throughout this 37 minutes journey. But no matter what, especially a well-absurd song like "Zackenbarsch" provides quality and so does the fast-paced, ecstatic "Maschinen" which is defo one to set your local Post Goth dancefloor on fire for a reason. And maybe it's just the often cited curse of a groups second album which comes into play here, particularly with bars and expectations raised mountain high like they were after Alte Sau's 2014's killer outing. This doesn't necessarily imply that "To Be As Livin'" isn't a proper album at all, it's just not that energetic and powerful as we hoped it would be.  

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