Friday, May 13, 2016

Erlend Apneseth Trio - Det Andre Rommet [Hubro Music Promo]

Released in late April, 2k16 via the Norwegian imprint Hubro Music is "Det Andre Rommet", the first ever album released by the Erlend Apneseth Trio. After we've already introduced the track "Under Isen" on another website in February it's time to take a closer look on the full body of work which consists of ten tracks spread out over approx. 40 minutes of total runtime. And after listening to the first few tracks of the longplay piece we're pretty convinced that our first impression gained from "Under Isen" are totally on point as "Det Andre Rommet" presents a rural, natural and overarching feel of deep, misty melancholia, a folksy, in parts even naively beautiful approach influenced by sad romanticisms one can only and exclusively experience in primeval forests - think of Wolfgang Voigt's GAS project vibewise but subtract every electronic aspect -, and see all of that happening mainly based on a foundation of classic fiddle play that seems to depict ancient sagas with all their wisdom, sadness, beauty and drama in a perfect manner and surprisingly even takes us out to a ritual, ecstatic dance with the captivating and outstanding tune "Magma" to be found on the second half of this amazing album. Highly recommended stuff! 


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