Sunday, June 05, 2016

Marsen Jules - Shadows In Time [Oktaf Promo]

Recently released via his very own Oktaf imprint is Marsen Jules' new conceptual album piece entitled "Shadows In Time", a piece of so-called generative music that has been in released as static CD pressing - which is actually the version we're dealing with today -, in numerous variations on limited vinyl pressings and in 300 unique USB stick formats which include different, self-generated alterations of the original composition. Which is, when coming down to the static CD format, an ongoing stream of Ambient and Deep Listening textures spanning over a total runtime of approx. 49 minutes, ever, yet slowly evolving and floating, creating an all embracing musical comfort zone that quickly dissolves any perception of time and submerges the listener in a sonic womb of pure spiritual zen in which one is becoming one with the flow and repeatedly hitting the repeat button over and over again to indulge further in a state of pure being. Ambient as Ambient can get. Nice.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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