Sunday, June 12, 2016

Jonathan Uliel Saldanha - Tunnel Vision [Silo Rumor Promo]

After making some waves with the intense teaser video for his new album "Tunnel Vision" the new longplay album by Portoguese artist and producer Jonathan Uliel Saldanha has been finally put out on the circuit via Solo Rumor in late May 2k16. Originally deriving from the, now re-edited, score of the experimental science fiction movie of the same name "Tunnel Vision" creates a tense, heavily condensed atmosphere of darkness over the course of 40 minutes, using and abusing resonant underground spaces like tunnels and caverns, a steady stream of surface noise, experimental brass eruptions, drones and, of course, samples and recordings directly taken and extracted from the movies dialogue sequences itself. The amalgamation of these elements results in a feel of lurking evil and imminent danger, massive tension and fear-inducing, horror'esque echoes of unknown and alienating origin and an overall atmosphere similar to the Illbient-classic which is the intro tune of Patric Catani & Paul PM's "Discovering Steve Hive EP" released via the legendary NYC-based imprint Black Hoodz back in the year 2000. But that's just a little side note on what is defo one of the best Illbient-referencing releases of 2016 so far, a heavy take on eternal blackness and the existence of dark, disembodied entities unspoken of by the majority of folks on a daily basis. Defo a worthwhile addition to the archives of both soundtrack / score collectors as well as twisted Illbient or Dark Ambient headz alike. 


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