Friday, June 10, 2016

Asher Levitas - Lit Harness [Planet µ 379 Promo]

Released today via the longterm active Planet µ-imprint is "Lit Harness", the first ever solo album by Asher Levitas which might be better known to some as part of the London-based project Old Apparatus. After the album teaser video has been around for some time the full longplay piece offers a bunch of eight tracks which, over the course of the full run time of approx. 33 minutes, unfold in a quite tense and nightmare'ish manner whilst exploring a musical field somewhat in between Industrial Electronica and Uneasy Listening. Providing a general feel of anxiety due to heavy, yet detailed Noize eruptions, bits of highly distorted female vocals and layers of Death Ambient drones "Lit Harness" is not an album for the faint hearted looking for something to put them at ease. Rather it reflects the state and condition of sleep paralysis Asher Levitas has been suffering from throughout the majority of his life, inducing and triggering subconscious fears buried deep within the human brain. Only tunes like "Waiting By An Open Door" or "Strongest Bonds" provide a little bit of hope with their off-kilter take on classical Ambient structures whilst bits like the closing tune "Anticipating Violence" trigger our overwhelmed braincells with heavy synth filter sweeps and an overall alarming atmosphere. Intense stuff.


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