Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Lars From Mars - Persect [Clang 043 Promo]

Scheduled for release via Clang as the label's cat.no. 043 on June 17th, 2k16 is "Persect", the latest four track EP outing created by Lars Graugaard under his casual production alias Lars From Mars, aiming to fuse Minimal Techno and mathematical functions - sic !!! - over the course of 33 minutes playtime. And although this combination of numbers science and dancefloor functional structures might sound a little odd at first things seem to be falling in place for some reason, even though tracks like the opening tune "Felipe" are constantly shifting and changing from bar to bar, proving that constant repetition and slow variation is not a necessity for club functional music - at least not when we're talking hyped late night crowds and an implied supply of special k. Interestingly, the opener also caused a weird feeling of motion sickness and light nausea when consumed on headphones, similar to some specific LFO filters. With "Conflated" we're getting closer to a straight Minimal Techno feel which, due to its level of abstraction and constant mutation, could also be pigeonholed as TechnoJazz and will surely be well appreciated by fans and followers of producers like Matthew  Herbert as well. "Next Junction" focuses on ever shifting low frequencies and a seemingly improvised synth melody jam accompanied by chirping, high frequency laser beams and the final cut "Quick Turn" comes across as a lovely and masterly crafted mutation of a dry'n'raw Minimal Techno vs. piano jam that's also well-relatable to lovers of deep and pumping House music.Techno not Techno, much?


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