Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Stefan Fraunberger - Quellgeister #2 'Wurmloch' [Interstellar Records 039 Promo]

Put on the circuit via the Austrian imprint Interstellar Records is Stefan Fraunberger's new album entitled "Quellgeister #2 'Wurmloch'", a name referring to the origin of his recordings in the Transylvanian village of Valea Viilor which essentially translates to 'wormhole' - 'Wurmloch' in German. Within two tracks, each exceeding the 18 minutes mark, Fraunberger resurrects the sounds of century-old organs he found in abandoned churches of the region in a well experimental manner, exploring their sonic range in a way including both melancholia-inducing Dark Ambient sequences as well as intense, near screeching and highly dramatic passages of score'esque qualities, talking either oldskool body horror or classic lo-fi, black and white science fiction flics this is. Throughout "Zustandshorizont", the second tune on this album, we're even taken into the world of highly dissonant madness bordering the realms of pure Noize in some sections of the composition which, due to this, evokes a sense of danger and imminent manifestations of dark spirits or lurking entities populating an intersecting parallel universe, hunting for prey. Defo an interesting and very special take, not only on composition but also on the preservation of the sound of time-worn instruments that are bound to full on disintegration taking place in future times.   

Album artwork on Instagram!


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