Saturday, June 18, 2016

Oiseaux-Tempete - Unworks & Rarities [Sub Rosa 424 Promo]

After we've already announced the forthcoming arrival of Oiseaux-Tempete's album "Unworks & Rarities" in early May it's now about time to review the full longplay piece which has been put on the circuit via Sub Rosa lately. Compiling six formerly unreleased bits created by Frederic D. Oberland and Stephane Pigneul, the men behind the Oiseaux-Tempete project, the opener "Eclipse & Sirocco" caters ruminant Ambient romanticisms evoking memories of Modern Contemporary or even (Neo)Classical music whilst one is channeling unspoiled, virgin glades and fairies, "Quai de l'Exil" caters a heavily Blues-ridden instrumental take on Desert Rock pleasing all broken and desparate souls with its immanent raw beauty and smokey atmosphere whilst "No Go(l)d No Master" fuses possibly field recorded protest chants, Spoken Words taken from some kind of documentary and a thrillingly calm interpretation of Post-PostRock with additional bits of what seems to be a theremin. Furthermore "Black As Midnight On A Moonless Night" takes us back into the isolation of desert where it's only us, our disturbed thoughts and a bottle of bourbon, "The Strangest Creature On Earth" is defo one fond of nightly, heart-felt melancholia and poetry and the final cut "Nec Mergitur" brings in an atmosphere as dark as the name might suggest whilst incorporating elements of both FreeJazz and Heavy Rock as well Prog-driven, highly distorted guitar solos before, without any warning, leaving us puzzled and surprised in dead silence. Defo a great and well-diverse piece for followers of electronic as well as more guitar-infused music. Check!

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