Thursday, September 29, 2016

Katie Gately - Colour [Tri Angle Records Promo]

Scheduled for October 14th, 2k16 via Tria Angle Records is Katie Gately's new album named "Colour" - a seven track affair in which the LA-based producer combines her obvious love for PostPunk / Art School-influenced songwriting - think The Slits or Bitch Band No. 1 here - with dense, layered electronic structures and rhythms composed of found sounds and a clear sense for dancefloor smashing hit formulas like the one used in the epic tune "Tuck" which clearly is about to rock every venue dedicated to Indie and PostPunk albeit being based on a dedicated 4/4 foundation. The same goes for the epic, slightly drummachines NoisePop anthem "Sift" which combines a wall of unsettling,  alarming frequencies with a playful, innocent vocal approach, "Rive" comes across as twisted Piano ballad combined with highly compressed electronic eruptions that might've been well suitable for Björk's "Biophilia" album as well, "Frisk" starts out with a quite seductive sawtooth bass to bring loads of theatrical, intoxicating drama and "Sire" caters thunderous, complex multilayers for those longing for the ultimate musical climax and melting braincells as this track seems to be more intricate than classical Wagnerian compositions at times. Finally, "Climax" steers towards calmer, more ballad'esque seas, although the dark'ish intro sequence and the minimalist bass figure keeps our minds on high alert for a reason. This one's epic! 


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