Saturday, September 24, 2016

Kuedo - Slow Knife [Planet µ 380 Promo]

Due for release via Planet µ on October 14th, 2k16 is Kuedo's sophomore album "Slow Knife" which is following up to his acclaimed 2k11-debut named "Severant" now. Starting into the fourteen track journey we see "Hourglass" opening a door leading towards dreamy, well synthetic soundscapes that seem to be influenced by both Electronica and Trap in ultra slow motion and tunes like the almost beatless "Under The Surface" or the brooding and nightmare-inducing, surely SynthPop-infused "In Your Sleep" which kinda reminds us of Fatima Al Qadiri's twisted, yet often chromatic melodies continue on the path paved whilst the title track "Slow Knife" embraces pure Synth Ambient and "Floating Forest" comes across as a well-slowed down variation of instrumental Future Grime. Throughout the second half of the album we see the overall tonality changing slightly with the mysterious, ancient atmosphere of tunes like "Approaching", the darker, well dramatic (Neo)Classical string arrangements of "Broken Fox - The Black Hole" or the Illbient-infused, decaying soundcapes of "Breaking The Surface" which might as well, like many other tracks on the album, be taken from a quite unsettling movie score of sorts - a field which is kinda related to Kuedo's day job of being a sound designer and commercial composer and which has defo had an influence on his artistic approach towards this longplay piece that  has him taken further away from his origins in the bass music scene than he has ever been.  


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