Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Panoptique Electrical - Disappearing Music For Face [Sound In Silence 030]

Recently incoming from Greece was "Disappearing Music For Face", the newest album output by the Australian artist Jason Sweeney produced under his moniker Panoptique Electrical and put out on the circuit via the Greek imprint Sound In Silence as a limited to 200 copies run of hand-numbered CDr albums. Exploring sonic terrains heavily informed by both introspective Electronica and scenic Ambient whilst providing most romantic layers of tender, caressing piano playing over the course of approx. 49 minutes we see Mr. Sweeney rolling out an album that might seem a little kitsch-driven at first but immediately starts to grow on the listener and soon develops into a beloved soundtrack for rainy, melancholia-infused late fall afternoons, providing highlights like the more uptempo, somehow Indie-reminiscing tune "In A Forest Forlorn" or the dramatic, emotionally stirring "C Minor Spell" which even touches the borders of Dark Ambient in a way whilst tunes like the crackling "Desired Decayed" or "A Picture, A Landscape" tell musical tales of a love long gone. This is good stuff - check!

Album artwork on Instagram!


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