Wednesday, September 28, 2016

(ghost) - The First Time You Opened Your Eyes [Sound In Silence 031]

Another new release on the Greece-based Sound In Silence imprint is (ghost)'s third ever longplay piece entitled "The First Time You Opened Your Eyes" on which the artist from Denver, better known as Brian Froh to his friends and parents, serves a calm and relaxing trip to the lands of Ambient and Deep Listening Music in which the title track - spanning over 34 minutes and therefore being the only tune on this limited and hand-numbered album - presents a continuous, slowly evolving stream of sonic textures, rich and multi-layered like small ocean waves continuously breaking at the shore after a bright summers day. Take this description, add some angelic, otherworldly harmonic string constructions and what you'll get of this amalgamation is one of the most recommendable Ambient albums we've heard in 2k16 so far. Beautiful.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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