Friday, September 23, 2016

Club Des Belugas - Nine [Glamjazz Records]

Coming in just today was "Nine", the new - and ninth - album produced by the mulit-membered band outfit named Club Des Belugas who are about to take a break for the time being after this piece will be released on September 30th, 2k16.  Put on the circuit via Glamjazz Records as double-CD format featuring a whole of thirty - sic! - tracks we'll find both a lot of new original tracks as well as remixes crafted by Club Des Belugas for other artists and vice versa on this massive pack that's meant to cater all fans of NuJazz, Funky Breaks and NuFunk for a reason with huge hits like the hounded, slightly Yello'esque "Pogo Porn (ft. Karl Boes)" or the deep, piano-driven LatinHouse rework of Mo Horizons' "Ai Mi Morena" whilst their rework of The Cosmic Surf Club's "Quiet Dawn" fuses classic TripHop with elements of Easy Listening and Future Jazz - think: The Gentle People. With "What The Butler Heard" Club Des Belugas are entering quite enthralling Space Bossa realms, "I Just Want  To Make Love To You" featuring the great Brenda Boykin on vocal duties brings in classic and well-dramatic Soul flavours and the outfits remix for "Les Boulevards De Paris", originally written by Antoine Villoutreix, presents more lively, frolicking and spring-like vibes with an obviously French twist. "Full Crazy", the next collaboration with Brenda Boykin, serves a little more drama and action, slightly reminiscing to classic espionage flics' theme songs, "Mirando Al Mar", another remix - this time for the Bahama Soul Club - captures a nice, sun-infused Cuban athmosphere whilst Latin House lovers will surely appreciated the Club Des Belugas remix for "Manteca", a tune by the WDR Big Band and Arturo Sandoval which is about to cause massive mayhem on every sophisticated dancefloor. As one might guess, the story continues in a similar fashion throughout the rest of this longplayer, which is quite a fusion between album and compilation that, if rumours about the bands break at hand are really true, is a well thought out grand finale to the bands working efforts that surely includes a lot of seductive, yet well varied dancefloor fodder that easily can stand the test of time for a reason. Sweet stuff!

Album artwork on Instagram!


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