Friday, December 08, 2017

Bruxista - Human Resources [Clang 058 Promo]

Released on October 27th, 2k17 via Clang is "Human Resources", the new album work put on the circuit by Jose Manuel Cerda using his latest moniker Bruxista for this longplay piece instead of relying on his longtime established alais ESDLCP here. Stepping into a new period or phase of his musical journey with the introduction of this artistic guise we see Mr. Cerda taking on new challenges, entering a fusion world of cut up, Jazz-infused drumming mixed up with heavy Dub-influences, a steady 4/4 drum foundation and hefty, all-embracing bass waves in "Rhythm Of Precarity" which will be a well-appreciated enrichment to both advanced Techno as well as open minded World Music floors due to its sample heavy exoticism and beauty, "Bruxism" picks up on jazzy vibes as well but is more of a Herbert-influenced House tune with a little Balearic Disco twist whereas "From Protest To Proposal" is going down a stumbling and skwee'ish Downtempo / Beatmaker / Beatdown alley whilst providing chopped pads and well thought out melodic complexions for Romantic House lovers. The perfectly entitled "Anti-Selfie" is based on and built around a vocal sample saying nothing more than "Hallo" meandering through the stereo field, accompanied by hammering, yet captivating piano play and Electronica structures for highly advanced dancefloors appreciating bits of romantic Indietronica as well, "On The Backyard Path" is the albums secret hit single, complex, but pushing forward and also a weapon of choice in more intricate bass music sets for sure, the 81 seconds long "Interlude" provides a sweet digression into bleepy, beatless electronic Lo-Fi Funk and "The Owner$" weighs in some off-kilter, SloMo Techno on a surely 'troity note, reminding us of the anfractuous musical works delivered by producers like Oni Ayhun for a reason before "Successful Underdevelopment" combines an intense, captivating  signal sequence with freestyle modular improv and samples played backwards as well as scattered drumrolls and highly complicated melodic layering to a braincell stimulating effect and the 88 seconds "Outro" provides a solemn conclusion which can be identified as influenced by meditation and (Neo)Classical music for sure. Good stuff.


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