Monday, December 11, 2017

Erik Honore - Unrest [Hubro Music]

Another recent release on Norway's Hubro Music label is Erik Honore's second full-on solo album effort named "Unrest" after the social and personal unrest of the period in which it was produced. Based upon a live performance by Stian Westerhus at the Punkt Festival in Kristiansand in 2016 which was live remixed by Erik Honore the album brings on a menu of eight tracks starting with "Surge" which is a dark'ish take on piano-led Ambient musically, accompanied by haunting, ghostly electronic sounds and providing a thrilling, yet partly score'esque atmosphere whilst the "Abandoned Home" comes across as a deep, highly romantic vocal effort for oldschool, black and white Hollywood movies - think "Moon River" here, but on a more minimalistic scale musically. The title track "Unrest" tales a tale of essentially this, being comprised of various layers of high pitched, nervous violins partly bringin on a siren-resembling undertone and overall feel of being highly alert, nicely contrasted by lonely ethno flutes, the short interlude "Remain" caters full on, purified flute romanticisms which find a continuation in the beautiful, stripped down and dramatic vocal piece that is "Blinded Windows" before "Apparition" once again is about to please both lovers of haunting scores as well as carefully crafted Ambient bringing forth piano melancholia and guttural non-vocalisms. With "Procession" we're introduced to the first Electronica / Ambient crossover on this album, providing not exactly a beat but a rhythmic, structured bass pulse, multi-layered loops and elements of Dub to an hypnotic result appealing to both early Pole- as well as Senking-fans before "The Park" defines a new blueprint for heartfelt, stripped down and simply beautiful songwriting in 2k17. Check!

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